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If there's one thing we've learned about Sioux Falls, it's how great the people who live here are.
Quicksilver Taxi of Sioux Falls South Dakota is your first choice for quality service.
We are as quick and nimble as winged transportation, and will get you to your landing place unencumbered and secure.
We are one of the finest taxi companies around, and we strive to provide courteous service.....both quickly and safely.

Across the country or across the street, no ride is unimportant to us.

iPod Hookup - Bring your iPod, and we'll plug it into our taxi audio system. You can listen to the music you enjoy, all the way to your destination.

All Major Credit cards accepted
Licensed | Bonded | Insured
We Are A Pet Friendly Taxi Service!

Sioux Falls Taxi Services

We provide a host of Sioux Falls cab and delivery services for the local area and beyond.

Delivery Services
Our delivery services include just about anything that will fit in the cab.....just ask!
Sioux Falls Delivery Service »

Animal Taxi
We provide taxi services for many types of animals including dogs, cats, birds, and any small animal.
Sioux Falls Animal Taxi »

Our Service Area
Our local service area includes South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota and beyond.
Local Service Area »

Our Rates
Whether it's in town or out, we'll get ya there!
Our Rates »

Driver Profiles
Want to know more about our drivers?
Quicksilver Taxi Driver Profiles »

Motorcar Tours of America
If you have a hankering for a journey, our taxi service includes the expanse of the continent. We'll take you anywhere ya want to go in the good old USA!
Motorcar Tours of America »

Sioux Falls Airport Transportation
We provide transportation to and from the Sioux Falls airport.
Sioux Falls Airport Transportation »

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Please Help Us Help You By Following a Few Simple Guidelines:

  • We will gladly accept prearranged time calls for early morning rides to the airport or doctor the next day, so you know your taxi will be on time. We will even accept time calls to take you to the bar, but unfortunately, we Do Not accept time calls to take you home from the bar.
  • Please be prompt & on time as any delays you cause will delay other patrons from their appointed rounds. If we're late for your call, it's very likely because of that reason.
  • If you call from the bar please do us a favor & step outside so our drivers can understand you without a struggle. Also, have your phone on, ringer set to high & that you answer as our driver may call enroute to be assured that you are still there. Honestly folks, if you call us at 1:45 & step out to find a vacant cab from another service, no problem. Cancelled calls are greatly appreciated as they help us to become a more efficient & streamlined service. Thank you!
  • Cronic no-shows will be required to be pre-billed if they expect continued service.
  • The release of any type of bodily fluid either intentional or accidental may or may not require a $50.00+ cleanup fee to be accessed at the driver's discretion.
  • Please treat the drivers with courtesy & respect at all times, because that keeps 'em fat & happy & you'll find you'll get a much more pleasent ride in the end.